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Who we Are

We are a mission of mercy. We exist to provide medical and humanitarian help to those who are in great need in our world. With a focus on the indigenous poor of Mexico and Central America, our aim is to show the love of God and fellow man to "the least of these" through acts of kindness that make a real impact in lives.

A non-profit 501c3 charitable organization registered in the state of Idaho, we are a group of individuals who share a common interest and calling to help the poor and needy in our world using the skills, resources and abilities available to us. Currently those skills include medical, construction, aviation, and nutritional expertise.

The Problem

In Mexico and the countries of central America, medical care is nearly unattainable for many of the less privileged, such as the indigenous Indian people. It is not uncommon for children to suffer needlessly from skin diseases, parasites and a host of other easily cured or preventable problems. Infant mortality is unacceptably high. Gastrointestinal and kidney problems are common among all ages due to inadequate sanitation and lack of adequate infrastructure.

Our goals

In the short term, we are doing what we can to meet the pressing health care and other needs as they confront us. Presently this includes providing free health clinics and education to the extremely poor migrant workers in the Ensenada area of Baja California. Our long-range goals include the establishing, stocking and staffing of mobile clinics that can travel on week-long missions into remote pueblos. The clinics will be able to travel into the interior areas of Mexico where there is great need. We can re-stock them via aircraft and smaller land-based vehicles. Periodically we would airlift in medical teams, equipment and supplies from the U.S. to wherever the mobile clinics are serving, and ferry out more serious medical cases to larger land-based clinics.

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Telephone: 208-466-7463
Postal address: 605 Crocus Ct.,
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  "Trabajando unidos para lograr salud integral para los pueblos de America Latina"