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Pastor Frank survives tragic accident


In late October, a terrible automobile accident happened in Mexico, with Pastor Frank in the passenger seat of a truck that was struck—broadsided—by a drunk driver of a vehicle traveling at high speed. Tragically, both the man and his wife, a young couple whom Frank was helping to move, were killed in the accident, and Frank was severely injured, along with the couple's young child. Frank was hospitalized, and his leg required two surgeries.

But although he has been in tremendous pain and is still recovering from his injuries, we are all very grateful that he is still alive. Unfortunately, the driver was uninsured, so there was no insurance to pay for Frank’s hospital and medical bills. Donations designated for Pastor Frank's medical bills will be accepted with much gratitude.

In a recent email, Detra asked us to tell everyone “ very much we appreciate those who have helped us to pay otherwise insurmountable medical bills.”

To read more about Pastor Frank's situation and catch up on other ministry news, see our December 2012 Newsletter.







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