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Wings of the Eagle Medical Clinic Update


In October 2011 four WOE board members (Dr. Rick and Carol Olson and Dr. Larry and Beth Olmsted) visited the Brechas del Mirador Medical Clinic and brought two water filters for water purification, a Nikon microscope and a shipment of medical supplies donated by Hands of Hope Northwest, Nampa, ID. The Board members and the Medical Center Director, Detra Chambliss de Avila, interviewed and hired an additional clinic doctor, Dr. Dulce Martinez. Dr. Martinez is originally from the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca, the state of origin of most of the indigenous patients treated in the clinic. We hope that with both patients and the doctor originating from the same region of Mexico, it will create a stronger patient-doctor relationship and facilitate better patient compliance and trust, resulting in better patient outcomes. Mari, a woman who lives nearby in the colonia, was also hired to be an assistant to the doctor. At her very first clinic, Dr. Martinez identified a nine year old Oaxacan boy with a congenital heart defect. We are currently evaluating the diagnosis and possible treatment options for this child. Other patients recently treated at the clinic include a boy with a lacerated, bleeding foot, and a little girl who had suffered from weeks of diarrhea, who was ultimately diagnosed and treated for dehydration and malnutrition due to a Giardia infection.

In July 2011, Mario and Mayte, two children from the colonia, were transported by Francisco and Detra to Vicente Guerrero to see Dr. Mark Eanes, the ophthalmologist who brings his team to Mexico annually to treat poor children with eye diseases. Mario’s eyes were checked and his vision had improved markedly since July 2010 when he received a cornea transplant in one eye that was completely blind. He received eye glasses at this visit and sees well enough so that he can now attend school for the first time.  Dr. Eanes also performed surgery on Mayte’s eye to remove a cyst, and the outcome was successful. Both of these children and their parents were greatly blessed by the gift of surgery from Heaven In Sight.

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