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Wings of the Eagle provides uniforms and school supplies for indigenous children


We believe that when children receive an education, it opens their eyes to a whole new world of possibilities and hope for their future. To that end, Wings of the Eaglerecently provided school uniforms, backpacks and school supplies for several indigenous children living in Brechas del Mirador, Baja California Norte, Mexico, so that the children could attend school. For some of these children it was the first time anyone in their family had ever attended school. Mario, age 12, recipient of a cornea transplant in July 2010, was one of the children, and his younger brother Florenciano joined him in starting school this August 2011. All of the children who received uniforms and school supplies were very happy and appreciative.

WOE board members Dr. Rick and Carol Olson and Dr. Larry & Beth Olmsted visited the children in October 2011 and presented them with a gift of a used Nikon microscope, along with sets of prepared slides containing interesting things for them to look at.  Mario and the other children were extremely excited to look through the microscope and see tiny things like a fly’s leg, part of a butterfly wing, and zooplankton. These will be used for future science lessons as well as to help the children’s understanding of microorganisms and disease.

During this visit by board members, Mario proudly showed his notebook to us, and we could see that he had made great progress since starting school only two months before.  He is an enthusiastic learner and is doing excellent work.

Detra and Francisco have an after-school homework program for the children who need help, since their parents are not educated and cannot help the children with their school work at home. This is of great benefit to ensure the success of the school children.







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