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  NAMPA, IDAHO -- December, 2010


Wings of the Eagle takes over the work of AIM Mexico

WOE pledges to continue the work of David and Mardell Shebley

It is with great sadness that we report the loss of our dear friend and co-worker, Rev. David Shebley, who passed away, surrounded by his loving wife Mardell and other family members, on December 13, 2010. David had fought a year-long battle with cancer.

Wings of the Eagle will be continuing the work of AIM Mexico beginning in January 2011. It has been our privilege to be associated with AIM Mexico since their work began about five years ago.

Our friendship with David and Mardell Shebley goes back a number of years, and in 2005, when we learned that they were moving to Mexico to start a work there, we were very excited because we were also starting to make plans to begin a medical mission and humanitarian work for the very poor.

Rick & Carol Olson’s first trip to visit the Shebleys in Baja was in June 2006, before the Brechas del Mirador feeding center was built. Our beloved friend David introduced us to Francisco and Detra, who had started feeding the children of indigenous Oaxacan field workers in their home. At that time, a plot of land had been purchased and a concrete slab was poured for the feeding center and church building.

AIMLOGOIn October 2006, Wings of the Eagle board members Ted & Debbie Wheeler joined Rick & Carol on a second trip to Baja and saw the progress as the building was being constructed. David and Mardell were such gracious hosts, and we could see their enthusiasm for the project as well as the great need in that community. When it came time to purchase the kitchen equipment, we donated funds to help with this need. We were thrilled when they held the first Christmas party for the children at the feeding center, and after they began to serve nutritious meals to the children five days a week, Wings of the Eagle began to send support through AIM Mexico every month to help purchase the food. Therefore, our organization has been in partnership with AIM Mexico for the past four years.

In March 2009, Rick, Carol, Ted & Debbie made another trip to Baja, this time to set up a medical clinic at the feeding center in Brechas del Mirador. We were able to take many medical supplies which were provided free through another nonprofit organization, Hands of Hope Northwest.

We also met and interviewed a Mexican physician, Dr. Jeannette Garcia, and her mother, Ernestina, who is a nurse. We agreed to hire Dr. Jeannette and Ernestina to come to the feeding center and clinic once a month to see the poor indigenous people who were in need of medical care. Thus, our medical outreach work became established and patients began to come, some of whom had never seen a doctor before in their lives. Medications prescribed by the doctor are provided free to the patients, since these people cannot afford to purchase them.

Mario’s story is perhaps the most exciting event that has taken place through the work of our clinic. Mario first came to the clinic in November 2009, where he was seen by Dr. Jeannette. He was suffering from a degenerative disease in both eyes, and was progressively going blind. We began searching for a way to help Mario.

Through a newsletter from an orphanage in Vicente Guerrero, located approx. two hours’ drive south of Ensenada, we learned that an ophthalmologist and his team, had come to the medical clinic at the orphanage and seen many patients and performed surgeries in 2009. We made contact with this American physician and found out that he and his team would return to Mexico in July 2010, and he encouraged us to bring Mario to see him.

After making the necessary arrangements, David and Mardell Shebley, along with Francisco and Detra, drove Mario and his father to Vicente Guerrero, and Mario, who was by this time totally blind in one eye, was able to receive specialized eye surgery. We, as well as Mario’s parents, were ecstatic and grateful to God for providing this miracle, because for this very poor Triqui family, having eye surgery in Mexico was impossible were it not for the grace and love of God and Christian servants.

Now, Mario’s vision is much improved and he will soon be able to start school. Because of Mario and the effect that this has had on his family, the door was opened for the Gospel to be preached and the Bible taught to these precious people. We are so thankful to the Shebleys, Francisco and Detra, as well as the many people who have donated funds to make this ministry possible.

We have always had a great deal of confidence in David and Mardell Shebley, their integrity, and their commitment to excellence in what they do. We are honored to be able to continue their work and hope to expand it further. We can only continue this ministry through the gifts of those who desire to see this work accomplished, and by the grace of God.

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