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  NAMPA, IDAHO -- September 2010


10 year-old Trique Indian Boy given new eyesight!

Wings of the Eagle partners with another NGO to provide eye surgery.

In March 2009, we opened our first medical clinic in Mexico in Brechas del Mirador, with physician Jeannette Garcia and nurse Ernestina Martinez attending once each month to see patients.  In November 2009, a ten year old Triqui boy named Mario came to our clinic because he was rapidly losing his sight in both eyes. We began searching for a way to help Mario regain his eyesight. cataracts

Shortly after Mario’s first visit to our medical clinic, we received a newsletter from an organization with an orphanage in Baja, a couple of hours’ drive south of Ensenada. A team of ophthalmologists from the U.S. had been to the orphanage to treat eye diseases and perform surgeries for the poor the previous summer.  After contacting the orphanage, we learned that the ophthalmologists planned to return to Baja again in July 2010, so we e-mailed the physician and sent him Mario’s picture.

Meanwhile, Mario had been taken to the Sector de Salud in Ensenada (the government medical clinic), where they gave his family the disappointing news that he would require very sophisticated surgery to keep him from going completely blind. Unfortunately they were unable to perform that kind of surgery and nothing could be done for him there. The U.S. ophthalmologist encouraged us to bring Mario down to his clinic in Mexico, so we made arrangements for his transportation and his appointment with the physician. When July came and it was time for Mario to go to the clinic he was completely blind in one eye, with only about 30% vision in the other eye.

Our partners David and Mardell Shebley, and the managers of our feeding center and clinic, Francisco and Detra made the trip with Mario and his father.  Mario saw the ophthalmologist on the first day of the medical team’s visit, and it was agreed that he could have surgery on his blind eye. An extensive amount of after-care was required.  In response to this need, Detra and Francisco graciously opened up their home to take care of Mario, providing him with 24-hour care by instilling drops and ointments to his eye every two hours for several weeks. Mario’s father and mother were thrilled with the outcome of the surgery, and they were extremely appreciative of the loving care and help their son received.  Of course, there was no cost to Mario’s family, because they could not afford to pay for his medical treatment.

Now Mario is back with his family, his parents and seven younger siblings, who live together in a very small, single room house with a dirt floor. He can now see with the eye that had been blind, and he will soon be able to begin school for the first time. 

Mario’s life has forever been changed by the people who made it possible for him to have eye surgery.  Many people were involved in the process and it was wonderful to see the compassion and care of so many people working together to help a young Triqui boy regain his eyesight.  His story has made a great impression on his family and village, who are very grateful for the help that he received.






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