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  NAMPA, IDAHO -- November 28, 2009


Eight months of Successful Monthly Clinics in Baja California, Mexico

As we have just celebrated Thanksgiving here in the States, we thought it was appropriate to update all the friends of Wings of the Eagle regarding our ongoing medical clinics in Brechas del Mirador, a small village located about 16 km south of Ensenada.

community_centerBack in May, we reported on the startup of our first medical clinic in this community of indigenous people mostly from the state of Oaxaca in southern Mexico. We are now celebrating eight months of successful clinics. Each month, Dra. Jeannette Garcia and her mother, who is a nurse, come to the feeding center to work with the poor. The clinic is normally held on a Friday. The people line up and wait patiently for desperately needed medical advice and help. As happens on every weekday, a healthy lunch is also served free of charge to the villagers. Many times there are as many as 60 or more people served a meal on clinic days.

After each monthly clinic, Dra. Jeannette and Detra, the clinic and feeding center manager, send us an email report and a few photos. Below are some excerpts from those reports over the past months.


Clinic #2: Friday May 15, 2009

Thirty-three patients were seen, three quarters of them, NEW patients.

At 9 am, the "waiting room" was FULL (about 50 people). Dra Garcia treated cases of the flu, diabetes complications, UTI's, high blood pressure, parasitical infestations, skin fungus, circulation problems, ear infections, as well as doing well-child checkups and prenatal assessment. This time she referred several people to the lab for different tests and also sent a couple of women in for ultrasounds. I dispensed some 42 prescriptions of around 16 different medications, including amoxicillin, ampicillin, ranatidina, metacloperamida, prevastatina, albendazol, miconazol, doxicycline, senakot, clorfenamina, ambroxol,butilhioscina, pentaxifilina and lots of paracetamol and vitaminsDra. Jeanette.

I find that we are working together to do nutritional counseling also as we dispense 30 day supplies of vitamins to those she feels need them most. Also, this time she prescribed a de-parasite regimen for two households which require a LOT of explanation to those huge families on the pharmacist's part.

Francisco and I were able to counsel several people regarding their health and home situations and I am happy to report that Dra Garcia also prayed with at least one family that I know of. The mother had come in for treatment and relayed to Dra that she had a severely handicapped son in the hospital and was very depressed because she could not afford to buy his medication. Dra came in and asked us if we could provide it. We said yes, even though we had none on hand. We told her to come in Sunday to pick it up and we purchased it on Saturday along with several things that we were lacking. Each time it seems we discover something else that we need to keep on hand, I am sure eventually we will get it figured out! This time it was folic acid and metacloperamida. Not too shabby considering it is only our 2nd time.

If you take a step back and look at what we are actually accomplishing, it is simply amazing! We were able to provide health care and medication to 33 people, (not including those who got nutritional counseling/vitamins only) AND we fed 67 people lunch all before 2pm!

We are really pleased at how the project is evolving, obviously people are talking about it, because we had so many new patients AND some came from much farther away this time. We are very happy with Dra Garcia, she shows a true love for the people to whom she ministers and she told me she had been very excited to get out here again which makes me happy.


Clinic #5: Friday August 21, 2009

The weather was funky Friday and it actually rained a couple of times before noon which is really strange for here.  It was not like a BIG storm or anything, but we did have thunder, lightening, and enough rain to get a person uncomfortably wet if they were out in it.

All together, we had some 28 patients this time, and considering the climate and the fact that it was the last day of summer vacation we feel that that was a good number. People were busy and it showed in that instead of hanging about the waiting area afterwards and eating lunch they just saw the doctor and left for the most part. We still had 58 for the daily meal though.

We had two women who were pregnant. Theodora, at 14, our child bride, is pregnant with her second child now. Some of the pregnancies we have seen previously have returned to Oaxaca and most likely will give birth there.
The fetal Doppler was used for the first time and I cannot tell you how excited both the doctor and I are about that little jewel.

Did you know that many doctors who practice in Maneadero DO NOT even have a fetal Doppler in their office? Praise the Lord; we are very much blessed to be so well equipped. The doctor was also happy to see the nebulizer and of course, that stool.

It was also great to have the paper (sanitary roll for exam table). I have visited many different clinics/hospitals as a patient here in Mexico and I can testify that I do not EVER recall seeing paper on an exam table.

nurseComplaints were varied, we saw a lot of cases of sore throat/flu type symptoms, LOTS of digestive problems (I handed out ranitidina (antacid) like candy almost!), a three day old infant for a well baby check, circulation problems and some things that basically can be traced back to poor hygiene (parasites, infected wound, etc.).
It went very smoothly again with the 3 of us working together. My new pharmacy equipment made my job so much easier and really took a lot of pressure off of me as well- not to mention our patients did not have to wait as long for their meds.

We issued a 30 day supply of vitamins to just about every patient, with prenatal vitamins and folic acid for the moms-to-be as well.

We see a lot of small children coming in by themselves to get their children's vitamins and this is a good thing!! It's really cool to see small children feeling comfortable with the idea of going to "the Doctor."

One of the greatest things I am seeing happen is that the CONCEPT of health care is becoming an integral part of these people’s lives now and it is opening new doors and bringing up new questions for them.  I shared with one young Trique mother the idea of her learning eventually to give injections so that she can use that skill when she returns to her home state or wherever she goes and she was quite excited about the idea and a definite candidate for a future health care seminar.


Clinic #7: Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday's clinic was a blessing. The doctor treated 17 patients and I dispensed medications for them and vitamins to 26 others who were in attendance. As you know our doctor's schedule has changed forcing a late switch from Friday to Saturday and this definitely affected our attendance this time. I spoke with Dra. J about this and we are going back to Fridays next month.

clean_waterShe treated several really bad sore throats, cases of the flu and digestive ailments plus other miscellaneous things. (Lice infestation, parasites, etc., we continue to see these things that result from poor hygiene and poor sanitation practices).

I am pleased to let you know that as of last week, we hired two new teachers for the feeding/educational program that takes place daily. I have integrated into the curriculum the material from the WHO that you left me and it IS NOW BEING TAUGHT ON A DAILY BASIS! So far they have taught on the importance of using potable water and the necessity of hand washing using these materials and it is really going great. It has been a long battle to find good teachers who can relay the importance of this information but I believe we are now on the right track!

If we can get toothbrushes and toothpaste I would like to distribute these in connection with a lesson and have the children keep them here for use daily until they develop the habit of brushing. I could provide 25 children with toothbrushes and paste for about $20 dollars I believe.


Clinic #8: November 20, 2005, 2009

(From Dra. Jeannette Garcia)
Hola cómo están? Espero que se encuentren bien. Damos gracias a Dios por las consultas de ayer tuvimos la oportunidad de atender a 24-25 pacientes. Ayer tuve a 2 pacientes embarazadas, así que fué de mucha utilidad el doppler. Tuvimos  un paciente (nino) el cual tiene cataratas, probablemente congénito, no habla espanol así que no sabemos desde cuando, voy a preguntar en el hospital la posibilidad que este nino sea atendido por un oftalmologo. Aquí les mando algunas fotografias

Una pregunta quiero ver si pueden prestarme el doppler para utilizarlo en algunas otras campanas médicas que realizo.

Bueno seguimos en contacto. Que Dios les siga bendiciendo.

Saludos, Jeannette

Hello how are you? I hope you are well. We thank God that at yesterday's consultations we had the cataractsopportunity to serve 24-25 patients. I had 2 pregnant patients, and it was very useful to have the Doppler. We had a patient (child) who has cataracts, probably congenital. He does not speak Spanish so I do not know for certain how long he has had the condition. I asked the hospital about the possibility that this child may be treated by an ophthalmologist. I am sending some pictures

One question: I want to ask if I can borrow the Doppler to use at the other clinics where I work.

It is good to keep in touch. May God continue to bless you.

Regards, Jeannette






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