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  NAMPA, IDAHO -- December 18, 2008


Wings of the Eagle Inc. launches Partners for Health in Latin America

Nampa- Wings of the Eagle Inc., a Treasure Valley based charity, announced that it is launching a new project in Mexico, called Partners for Health in Latin America (PHLA). The group has begun providing health care for individuals in poverty in Brechas del Mirador, a colonia in the farming area of Baja California located just south of Ensenada. These individuals receive transportation to a doctor and medical treatment. Next year PHLA hopes to build, furnish and staff a medical clinic in the same area.

Through Wings of the Eagle, PHLA is also currently supporting a feeding center for nursing mothers and children of migrant workers in Brechas del Mirador, A nutritious noon meal is served five days a week and school children can get assistance with reading and homework.

The non-profit charity which began in 2006 exists to help alleviate suffering of the underprivileged in Mexico and other developing nations by bringing healing through health care, education and humanitarian aid to those who are in need.
Most of the farm workers in Baja are extremely poor indigenous people such as the Zapotec, Trique and Mixtec people who have migrated northward from the poorest areas of Oaxaca and Chiapas in southern Mexico. They come in search of work and a better life for their children. Many end up living in as desperate conditions as they left behind, cut off from their former communities and extended families.  Maternal and infant mortality are high, disease is rampant, and there are numerous cases of sick people denied medical care.

Board President, Dr. Richard Olson said, “We are excited about this new opportunity and we hope to partner with various organizations, including local ones, to help these families in desperate need of medical assistance, nutrition and education.”






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Preparing a meal at Brechas del Mirador

  "Trabajando unidos para lograr salud integral para los pueblos de America Latina"